Tips for watering new plants and shrubs

How much should I be watering my new plants and shrubs?  This is a question that many of us ponder.  When you have spent your time and money to enhance your home’s landscape, watering your plants properly is the most important factor in getting your investment to pay off.   Here are a few facts and tips to help clear any misconceptions and assumptions when it comes to taking care of your plants…

– Don’t consider precipitation as “watering”.  Unless it rains a light, soaking rain for several hours, you need to water.

– Do not apply water faster than the soil can absorb it.

– For a new tree or shrub, standing with a hose is not good enough.  It may work for tiny flowers with a 2″-3″ root system, but not with larger root system.  Your goal is to slowly water the soil/mulch over the root ball so that the water does not run-off, and slowly percolates down into the soil

– Don’t water the leaves of your plants.  They don’t absorb water, and you can promote fungal diseases by wetting the leaf tissue.  Try to avoid overhead sprinklers as they will do this as well.

– You can water anytime you want.  Early morning and evening are better, but it can be done at any time, including overnight.  The key is to water at the base of the plant.

– You’re probably not going to water too much.  Most people underestimate how much water their plants should receive on a weekly basis.

Watering-Flowers 1