Snow Blower Service Tips

snow-blowerAs we approach the end of September, we are getting close to the time to put the mower away for the season and get the snow blower out. It is also the time to make sure that your snow blower is ready for action. It can be very frustrating to have 6 inches of snow on the ground, and a snow blower that will not start. Here are some tips to help you keep your snow blower in optimum running condition…

– Change the oil in all 4 cycle engines. The oil should be replaced every 50 hours of use or once every season. Check your owner’s manual for the proper viscosity oil to use in colder temperatures.

– Change the spark plug. Coating the plug’s threads with anti-seize compound should allow easier removal next year.

– Check tire pressure, along with the battery (if equipped). Also, be sure to check the auger, scraper blade, and slide shoes. Some of these parts have the important job of protecting the housing from damage. Replace these parts if they have worn dangerously thin or are damaged beyond repair.

– Lubricate bearings and cables. Make sure that you lube the wheel bearings, auger bearings, and the impeller bearings. Lubricating moving parts periodically will make sure all parts turn and move correctly. Don’t forget to lube the control cables and inspect them for any issues.

– Check the fuel cap for proper ventilation. Fuel caps have small vent holes to allow air into the fuel tank. If the fuel cap air vent holes are blocked by buildup or debris, replace the fuel cap.


Following these tips will help you to avoid headaches during times of need for your snow blower. Keep in mind that our service department will perform a general service, covering all of these items for you. They will also handle any repairs or replace any parts that might be needed. We can pick your snow blower up and deliver it to you once the work is done. Give our service department a call today!!