Refrigerator / Freezer Breakdowns

Refrigerator and freezer breakdowns have the potential of costing you hundreds of dollars in spoiled / lost food.  With newer units being designed for increased energy efficiency, the down side is a shorter lifespan for the appliance.  According to several manufacturers, the current average life span of a new refrigerator is between 8 and 11 years.  One important factor to consider when purchasing a new refrigerator is to make sure that there is service after the sale.  Once you discover a cooling issue, you have a short amount of time to get it repaired, or move your food to another cooling source.  Refrigerated food should be above 40°F for no more than 2 hours.   Longer times may allow bacteria to grow.   Food may look, smell, and taste good, but still contain unsafe amounts of pathogens or toxins (poisons produced by bacteria). Cooking is not guaranteed to make the food safe. The golden rule of food safety is

“when in doubt, throw it out”.  Also, take care to never taste the food.


Our service department’s goal is to respond quickly to “no cold” refrigerator and freezer calls.  If it is a brand that we work on, we try to respond within hours to these types of calls.  We can also deliver a new unit….many times the same day as the service call.  We understand that responding quickly to breakdowns can help save your food, which ultimately saves you money!

fridge breakdown