Mower Maintenance Tips

They say that April showers will bring May flowers.  Spring is also the time that your grass starts its growth surge.  Having your mower ready to go will help you stay ahead of the growth and keep your lawn looking neat. Here is a list of items to verify that your mower is ready for the season…

– Tune Up:  Just like your car, your mower has parts that need to be cleaned or replaced.  Your spark plug, air filter, and fuel filter (if equipped) should be changed.  Some models have air filters can be cleaned and reused.

– Lubrication:  Change the engine oil and replace it with the type and quantity recommended in your owner’s manual.  Take care to keep your mower lubricated.  Oil the wheel bearings and other moving parts, following the instructions in your owner’s manual. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil.

– Blades:  Remove your mower blades and sharpen them at least once a year. Always remove the blades from the mower for sharpening and be sure to thoroughly inspect them.  If any of the blades have large nicks in the cutting edge from hitting rocks or other debris, you should replace it.

– Cleaning:  While the blade is off, clean the underside of the mower.   Use a strong spray of water and a putty knife to remove any grass caked on the underside of the mower deck. Clean the top of the mower as well, using a rag or brush to get grass clippings, leaves, and other debris off the deck and out of crevices around the engine and wheels. Once it’s clean, you can wax the deck to keep grass and dirt from sticking to it.

With proper maintenance and cleaning, your lawnmower can last for many years.  Proper care will also give you a better-looking lawn.  Our service department can provide any maintenance or repairs that your mower might need.   We also offer blade sharpening with a one day turnaround.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we stock all of the parts and lubricants that you need for your mower project! mower repair 1