Keeping Your Equipment Running All Summer Long

A push style lawn mower.

Near the end of summer, your lawn equipment may start to experience wear & tear and not perform as expected. This is often due to poor maintenance or operator error – including running into rocks, stumps, or mowing too close to bushes or trees. The most common issues include broken or bent blades, snapped cables, or an engine that won’t start or run cleanly.

When that happens, it is crucial to get your lawn equipment properly inspected and repaired. At JB Hostetter, we specialize in repairing and fixing all types of lawn equipment, including push mowers, riding mowers, tractors, zero-turn mowers, blowers, line trimmers, and more. We also rent out lawn and power equipment, so you can still maintain your yard while your equipment is being repaired.

We were recently featured on the blog about our lawn equipment service, rental, and sales business. Read the article to learn more tips about maintaining your power equipment all season long.

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