Getting your mower ready for winter storage

Gas-powered lawn mowers work hard from spring through the autumn months. As you prepare to store them over the winter months, some care is vital to keeping their parts in good working condition and have them ready for next spring. Here are some tips on how to winterize your lawn equipment…

– Clean grass and debris from under the mowing deck. This will help keep it from rusting out. It also helps to spray the undercarriage with WD-40 after cleaning it. This is especially helpful if you are storing your mower in a damp shed.

– Spruce up the rest of the mower. Be sure to apply a bit of elbow grease to grimy recessed areas. Use a soft brush to clear away gunk from the cables and other areas of movement. Remove the blade and have it sharpened and balanced.

– Replace the oil and oil filter. Check and replace the spark plug, air filter, and fuel filter. Be sure to gap the new spark plug according to manufactures directions, and install lubrication on the spark plug threads before installing.

– Remove the battery and make sure that it is fully charged. Store in a cool, dry place like the garage, shed or basement. Clean the battery terminals using a battery terminal cleaner.

– Be sure to run all of the gas out of the mower. Drain it all out of the tank, and run the mower until it shuts off. You don’t want to leave any gas remaining in the tank or the carburetor or it will form gummy deposits and varnish that will clog the carburetor jets.


With winter just around the corner, make sure your lawn mower is ready to be put away for the cold months to ensure it will run properly when you start it up again this spring and for years to come.