Facts about Pumpkins

Pumpkins 1Pumpkins are a common sight during the autumn season. In fact, over 80% of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in October. Here are some fun facts about pumpkins…..

Each pumpkin has about 500 seeds. They take between 90 and 120 days to grow.

There are over 45 different varieties of pumpkin. They come in various colors including red, yellow, and green.

Pumpkins are 90% water. One cup of canned pumpkin only has 83 calories and only half a gram of fat.

They also have more fiber than kale, more potassium than bananas, and are full of heart-healthy magnesium and iron.

Six of the seven continents can grow pumpkins including Alaska! Antarctica is the only continent that they won’t grow in.

The word “pumpkin” first appeared in the 17th century when the Cinderella fairy tale was written.

Our greenhouse department recently received a large shipments of pumpkins and gourds, along with other fall related items. Whether you are looking to use them as decorations, or in your grandma’s pie recipe, we have you covered!!