Advice for Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s – these are all popular holidays we celebrate each November and December. These holidays bring with them all the festive decorations and décor we remember so fondly. As you prepare to host family & friends this winter, here are some tips and advice for decorating your Lancaster County home.

Outdoor Decorations

outdoor christmas decorations lancaster county paNo matter your tastes, outdoor decorations can add a unique, festive feel to your home this Christmas season. Outdoor Christmas decorations can include plastic and inflatable lawn decorations, colored floodlights, net lights for bushes, and string icicle lights for your roof.

If you are using outdoor Christmas lights, make sure you only use lights and extension cords that are rated for outdoor use. Consider also using an automatic timer, so you do not have to manually turn your outdoor display on and off each night.

New Trends in Holiday Decorations

  • LED light bulbs. What’s not to love about LED Christmas lights? They use less energy, don’t heat up, last longer, and are more durable than traditional light stands. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, styles, and lengths.
  • Laser Lights & Projections. Christmas light projectors, spotlights, and laser light shows provide an instant upgrade to any outdoor lighting display.
  • AutomationThanks to the influx of programmable light timers, smart outlets, and internet-connected controls, you can now control your home’s lighting display from your smartphone, computer, or through Alexa.


Christmas Tree

christmas tree decorations mount joyWhether you choose to use a natural tree or want to pick a pre-lit artificial tree, the Christmas tree is often a focal point of your home’s holiday decorations. Either way, make sure the lights are properly plugged in and not overwhelming a circuit, and that you keep a live Christmas tree well-watered and away from any heat sources.

When selecting a new Christmas tree, make sure you measure your desired location first. Leave at least 6 inches from the top of the tree to the ceiling, and don’t forget about the extra height from the stand. When placing your tree in your house, make sure the tree and electrical cords are out of the way from high-traffic areas, reducing tripping hazards and the chance of the tree falling down.

Table Decorations

If you are hosting a holiday meal with friends or family, you’ll want to start thinking about setting and decorating your table. Pinterest always has great ideas for festive centerpieces and table décor. Sometimes the most creative projects involve easily-accessible supplies like spray paint, pre-cut glass, or other hardware supplies.

Natural Décor

natural christmas decorations For centuries, people have decorated their living spaces with natural materials, including branches from evergreen trees, dried flowers, nuts, berries, and pinecones. Make your own wreath, natural garland, and table centerpiece with these natural materials, bringing the freshness, textures, and beauty of nature into your home. By decorating with natural elements, you can create a festive atmosphere to your home’s interior in a budget-friendly, eco-friendly way.