Four Steps to a Lush, Green Lawn

Now is the perfect time to start preparing your lawn for the hot summer days. At JB Hostetter, we carry all the supplies you need to care for your lawn, including multi-step fertilizers from Scotts and Green Thumb. These specially-formulated 4-step fertilizer programs are designed to prevent and kill unwanted weeds, protect your lawn, and release the vital nutrients your lawn needs to look great all season long.

scotts 4-step fertilizer green thumb 4-step fertilizer

Here’s how a 4-step fertilizer program works and when to apply each treatment:

4-step Fertilizer Program


Step 1 – Crabgrass Prevention & Fertilizer

The first step in a multi-step fertilization program prevents crabgrass and other grassy weeds before they start growing, as well as providing an initial shot of nutrients for your lawn. This treatment should be applied when the first yellow forsythia bushes bloom in early spring and is effective for two months.

Step 2 – Weed & Feed

By the time dandelions are in flush in late spring, Step 2 should be applied. Often called the “Weed & Feed” stage, this application kills broadleaf weeds and prepares the lawn for the stresses of summer. It should be applied wet, as the herbicide sticks to the weeds and kills them through the foliage.

Step 3 – Anytime Fertilizer

In the middle of the summer (anytime between June and August), Step 3 can be applied to keep your lawn beautiful throughout the summer stress. The extra iron produces a deep green color in the turf. If there is no rain expected, you will want to water your grass immediately after application.

Step 4 – Winterizer

After the heat of summer fades into the cool, crisp fall months, you’ll want to use Step 4 to winterize your lawn. This application helps the turfgrass prepare to lay dormant during the winter months. These fertilizers are lower in nitrogen and, together with extra potash (potassium), aid in producing a healthier grass plant. The lawn will be able to better withstand a heavy snow pack, freezing of the blades, or the harsh winds of winter.

Save on 4 Step Fertilization Program Today

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