Speed Queen 10-Year Warranty Offer

Speed Queen 10-Year Warranty – Limited Time Offer!

From now until December 31, Speed Queen is offering a 10-year parts and labor factory warranty on all their machines. Stop by our store and take advantage of this limited-time offer today!

Speed Queen 10-year warranty offer.
If you’re looking for a new washer or dryer and are tired of machines that last only 5 years or so before showing signs of failure, this is a great deal to consider.


Speed Queen already has a stellar reputation for quality and reliability in the industry, and this 10-year factory warranty only adds more value to their products. This is not a warranty extension. It is a 10-year factory warranty on new Speed Queen washers and dryers.


This is truly a great deal!


Warranty Details

  • Covers all parts and labor for 10 years.
  • Applies to new residential washer, dryer, and combo unit purchases.
  • All residential models are eligible.

Call us at 717-653-1841 or visit our store for more details.

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