Winter Care for House Plants

Various, decorative, potted plants.

Everyone loves houseplants! They beautify our living and working spaces, and help keep our spirits up when we can’t be outside in the garden. Just a few simple things can keep your plants looking their  best.

Plants brought in from the outdoors may harbor pests – on their leaves or in the soil. Don’t let them get out of control! We carry a full line of both organic and chemical products to solve these problems! Speak to a Lawn & Garden staff person who will assist you in finding the product you need.

Most homes have a relatively low level of humidity, especially in winter. You can raise the humidity level around your houseplants in two simple ways! Mist your plants occasionally, using a spray bottle filled with water. Or place the plants on a saucer or tray filled with pebbles and water. The evaporating water will raise the humidity level around the plants. (The pots should not come in contact with the water.) We have what you need to solve this problem, too!

Get directions and stop by today! Feel free to contact us with specific questions about our greenhouse or plant care.